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IBM Computer Company has always had a high profile, once gave the impression of a solid security and reliability, but since the early 90, IBM computer company scenery is no longer, it is widely believed that IBM institutions are large and slow response. Not as much as other computer companies in research and development. The product also lacks attractive features. While these impressions are not true, IBM is indeed losing consumers. To reshape its brand image, in May 1994 IBM decided to hand over all of its global advertising business to Ogilvy advertising. This is the largest business shift in the history of advertising. Ogilvy combined with the integrated marketing communication concept developed in the West in the the late 1980s, from the following two aspects, to reshape the IBM brand. 1 Brand Inspection: Investigate how consumers actually know the IBM brand. Find languages and factors related to the IBM brand, including companies and computers, collect information, and develop insights and intuition. 2 brand Photo: According to the truth found by brand inspection, the unique relationship between consumers and IBM is sketched out. The text is vivid and lyrical.
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